Get Involved in Our Ministry

There are various ways to become involved with Living Waters Camp & Conference Center.

Much of the work at Camp Christian is done by volunteers that have a desire to help and build the ministry. These people are essential to the development, operation and prospering of the camp. There are a number of ways to be involved and/or help the camp. Those that become involved find the experience very rewarding in the knowledge that they are a part of God’s ministry and have the opportunity to help change lives.

1. The first is prayer for the camp and those involved with it. Many things are important to the success of the camp, but God’s covering and leading is first and foremost.

2. Be a financial supporter of the camp. The camp’s financial needs are met by donations from individuals, churches and businesses and the rental of the camp to various groups.

3. Apply to become a member of a committee or the board of directors. In most cases the people that wish to be considered for the board of directors spend at least six months on one of the committees listed below.

4. The standing committees are:
Program Planning
sub committee – Fund Raising
Building and Grounds Development
sub committee – Construction
Publicity and Advertising

If you are interested in being involved in one of these areas, please call the board chairman,
Steve Riley at 687-9711 or 915-3711.

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