Trail to River Completed and Gravel Spread.
Trenches dug for laying of lines prior to paving.
On Cabins with composition roofs replace with metal roofs.
Repaint Lodge and Restrooms Exteriors.
Restrooms Constructed at Lodge.
Repair and Repaint Restroom Interior Walls as needed.
Complete Cliffside Fence & Clean Up Hillside.

Resurface of restroom floors to drain properly and be non-skid.
Staff Cabin Remodel to make restroom ADA compliant
Repair boom crane truck

We are in need of someone who has the expertise and means
to cut a large piece of stainless steel serving line into sections
both for reuse and for sale.

3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup
1 ton van
John Deere Gator or similar vehicle
Kubota tractor with attachments
Bobcat with attachments
7,500 lb. Capacity (10,000 lb. G.V.W.R.) minimum, dump trailer

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