Our History

Since 1959 guests have been enjoying this secluded and peaceful destination. The camp was originally named Camp Christian and has had thousands of youth pass through the camp the past five decades. The camp has provided many treasured memories for youth, families and churches over the years and continues to offer a place for spiritual renewal and growth. For much of this time people thought the camp was simply a camp for youth in the summer, and exclusively for Christians.

We found the name "Camp Christian" has been viewed by many as exclusionary. This also may be the fact that for many years the camp was run as a denominational Camp. The question was recently posed, “Is it for Christians only?” The answer is of course, no, for if it were, we could never do outreach. For many reasons there was a reoccurring indication that there was a need for a name change. There was a desire to maintain continuity with the past and our heritage, but at the same time present an image that both reflects our Christian base without being a barrier to those we desire to reach. The result is that the ministry shall remain Camp Christian Ministries, Inc., but the site will be known from now on as Living Waters Camp and Conference Center.

The new name also helps to signify that there has been a major change at the camp which has occurred and is continuing to do so. The ministry is expanding in the area of outreach with program development to a much broader range of people and ages with specific programs for specific groups being established. People are becoming excited about the ministry of the camp and it is taking on a dynamic that has not existed before. For the groups that have used the camp over the years it is well known, but it has been discovered that beyond those specific groups, the camp and it’s ministry are virtually unknown. There is a commitment to make the necessary changes which are already in progress.


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